In 2007, The owner started his trucking business in Vancouver with a 2008 year 5ton GMC truck. By the early 2008's, the owner had moved his business to Richmond, BC to work for export and in 2009 began hauling lumber into the China.

SOSIDA continued its commitment to provide efficient service by installing satellite tracking and communication in each tractor in 2010. This installation allowed the company to pin-point the location of a customer's freight at any given time and to monitor its progress to ensure on time delivery.

Throughout the 2011's, SOSIDA Services has focused on fleet renewal. The owner has worked closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure that we operate a fleet of modern equipment that not only meets current emission standards but provides increased fuel efficiency and a comfortable work environment for our drivers.


By the mid 2012's SOSIDA was working closely with Customs on both the American and Canadian side of the border to safeguard the supply chain. The company was proud to announce its participation in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) in 2011. The company is also a participant in Customs Self Assessment (CSA), Free and Secure Trade (FAST), Partners in Protection (PIP) and Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).


In 2012, SOSIDA implemented a green paper program to increase the efficiency at which the company manages its paper documents. This system also allowed the company to greatly reduce paper consumption and storage of paper documents.


Late in 2012 and into 2013, the company revised its website and launched a new and improved website: The new site is customer focused and will allow SOSIDA the flexibility to offer on-line customer access as the company grows.


We have remained financially stable over the years and currently generate over $3 million in revenue annually. We are committed to the quality process with state of the art systems including, Satellite Communications, and on-line load tracking.


Our headquarters is located in Vancouver, BC/ Richmond, BC. We also have branch Brampton, ON

British Columbia Region
F 604.247.1532
Cross Dock location
Ontario Region
F 905.569.2922
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